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Pleased to meet you. My name is Pitts.

My father’s name was Pitts. He taught me the finer points of BBQ, among other things. My mother, Beth, is a wizard in the kitchen and you’ll eat some of her amazing recipes too.

I grew up in Beaumont and Houston. My culinary experience is heavily spiced with Cajun and Creole flavors. One might suppose our BBQ would lean toward east Texas style, but it does not. We are Central Texas all the way. For 25 years, I have called Central Texas my home.

I also spent a lot of time deer hunting in south and central Texas. I saw what the Mexican ranch hands put on the smoker and plancha, and devoured everything I could get my hands on. You will experience a lot of that kind of cooking at Axis Smokehouse.

You won’t get whole hog, but you will get whole cabrito from time to time. Brisket will be ever-present and don’t be shocked if a free cup of gumbo greets you at the table on any given Sunday. Just a little lagniappe, for those in the know. 

Why “Axis Smokehouse”?  Well, the Axis Deer, like most of us, is not a native to Texas. It was imported and thrives in its new home. The Axis Deer brings great beauty, sport and flavor to an already rich land. We believe it is the perfect mascot for our restaurant.

 Pete - Pit Boss/General Manager

Pete - Pit Boss/General Manager

 Jessica - Cook/Cashier

Jessica - Cook/Cashier


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